Students are required to bring a learning device to Emmaus as part of their education.

The 1:1 BYOLD program has enabled the College to divert funds into more sound programs such as upgrading existing computer labs used for elective courses, increasing the range and density of our wireless network infrastructure, and the rollout of Mobile TVs and LED LCD TVs in replacement of projectors. This is enabling a higher level of interactivity and collaborative learning. Our purchasing strategy also includes the supply of apps and software to ensure a 21st Century learning culture here at the college.

Please read through the information below and if you have any questions concerning the purchase of an appropriate device for your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to contact the college.

Bring Your Own Learning Device at Emmaus Catholic College Kemps Creek

Information for parents

Device Options and Specifications
Years 7-10

CPU: Intel Celeron or AMD
HDD: 32GB minimum storage
Warranty: 1 year (3 year manufacturer warranty highly recommended)

Years 7-12

Mac OS 10.14 Mojave
256MB minimum storage (500GB recommended)

Windows Hybrid/Laptop
Windows 10
256GB minimum storage (500GB recommended)

Note: Device requirements are subject to courses taken

Device Repair

For all Mac and IOS device repairs, Emmaus recommends using an Apple Authorised Service Provider such as Mac1 Service or Apple directly. Mac1 uses genuine Apple parts and hosts certified technicians. Visit the link below to find out more.

Mac1 Service Portal

Insurance Options

Insurance can be sought through the retail store of purchase using the Apple Protection Plan, or through your own insurance company of choice as a portable valuable.

Emmaus does not take responsibility for personal items and devices brought to school. Students need to be directly responsible. Students bring their own property to the school at their own risk and the school will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage. Our teachers will take measures to ensure all valuables are stowed safely and in practical subjects where bags are left outside due to WHS requirements, students are reminded to retain their valuables and bring them into the learning space.

Textbooks on Devices

The college uses a universal applet called 'Box of Books' that will digitally store all of your child’s purchased textbooks. Depending on the course studies, a physical textbook may be preferred, this is still available (usually at an additional cost, depending on the course prescribed text). A student book list is available and updated each year with more information specific to your child's courses.

In addition to prescribed textbooks, our teachers are using 21st century teaching and learning tools to enhance teaching and learning. Many of our teachers are also creating their own websites to deliver tailored content to their students. Be sure to ask your child about the different learning technologies they use in their subjects.

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Curriculum offerings

Emmaus follows the curriculum approved by the Education Standards Authority (NESA) covering all key learning areas. We have a range of courses to suit students at all ability levels.

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