Performances by 2015 HSC students of music were presented recently in the annual Encore production.  Joining a large audience of Year 12, 2016 students, families, teachers and friends, a small group from Emmaus Catholic College at Kemps Creek applauded the talents on stage.

“It was inspiring and encouraging to see and hear them play instruments or sing”, said Rochelle Christensen.  “Our group from Emmaus was very impressed, especially with the A Capella presentation”.  Rochelle enjoys her HSC Music studies at Emmaus adding “it did reinforce to me the need for constant practice.  I could see the high achieving 2015 students didn’t reach that standard without much self-discipline, time and effort”. Fellow student Cassandra Camacho agreed.  “It was my second time of seeing Encore in the beautiful setting of Sydney Opera House, as we went last year when we were in Year 11.  I expected to hear top line performances and I wasn’t disappointed.  Rochelle and I each study singing, and we listened with critical ears”.

“Inspiring and encouraging, yes” added Rochelle, “but going to Encore is valuable because it is also challenging.  It really makes you confirm your goals and reassess your dedication”.

While Encore always presents a broad variety of musical styles, Rochelle and Cassandra agreed that this year’s production seemed to have a heavy emphasis on classical music. After leaving school Rochelle hopes to continue to enjoy music as a recreation.  Cassandra wishes to pursue a music degree at tertiary level, together with a diploma of education.  “Teaching music and sharing the pleasure it gives me is my career choice”, she said, “going to performances such as Encore has affirmed my decision”.

Aline Lyons



Written By

Sharon Ellery

Sharon Ellery
Emmaus Catholic College

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