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Chopping, slicing and simmering are processes common to Hospitality classes in schools.  What could be considered less common is the involvement in soup making which was a recent feature at Emmaus Catholic College at Kemps Creek.

“Dining at the Creek” was the order of the evening when College Principal, Dr Brad Campbell and Assistant Principal, Mr Michael Pate, ably assisted by student  College Leaders, prepared and served huge cauldrons of soups.  On two evenings, when College staff were present to attend parent teacher nights they were served by their leaders.  A variety of robust, healthy, savoury bowls of soups were served at decorated tables.

School Captain Ben Robb explained, “We spent most of the day preparing ingredients.  It was an entirely new experience to stand at a kitchen bench with our Principal and Assistant Principal all working together”.

Vice Captain, Joshua Moxey agreed.  “I found it relaxing, even though we were so busy.  You build a different relationship of respect with the College Leadership when you see them putting on aprons”.

Student Leaders Ashleigh Lockwood and Gemma Carling joined the ‘Master Chefs’ as the massive tureens bubbled with cauliflower, potato and leek or thick savoury minestrone.

Other offerings included tomato and basil, spicy pumpkin and fresh baked croutons or French bread rolls.

Following the soups, tasty assorted sandwiches, various gelatos, tea, coffee and juice competed the meal.

The Emmaus version of ‘MKR 2014’ was certainly appreciated by the staff who rated the food and presentation ‘Outstanding’.

Mr Michael Pate on behalf of Dr Campbell affirmed that ‘the Executive chefs for a day’ had enjoyed the opportunity of providing hands-on appreciation of College staff.  “It’s about service in action”, he said, “and that is an integral part of Emmaus.  It was a chance to join students, staff and executive in a practical way”.

Asked which of the two chefs was ‘Master’ of the kitchen, Mr Pate diplomatically replied ‘the winner was the community’.

Emmaus staff members look forward keenly to repeat performances.

Aline Lyons

College Captains helping

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Aline Lyons

Aline Lyons
Emmaus Catholic College

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