Standing Tall for Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

“Stand tall with pride with your heads held high, together as one”.  This advice in song was presented to the citizens and school students gathered at St Marys RSL Club on Remembrance Day.

Emmaus Catholic College student Rochelle Christensen wrote the song ‘Together as One’ which she then sang at the ceremony.

“It was originally a poem”, Rochelle explained, “in connection with the World War I studies in our Year 10 history class”.

Interested in the war stories and conscious of 2015 being the year when Anzac Day will ‘commemorate 100 years’, Rochelle then found a melody to match her words.

Emmaus College staff and fellow students, as well as her family, supported and encouraged Rochelle as she accepted the invitation to participate in the Remembrance Day observance.

“I felt very nervous and apprehensive about it as the day came close”, she confessed, “because I hadn’t done anything like this before.  However I realised it was an honour for me, and my song, and also for Emmaus College”.

When the Emmaus representatives, teacher Mrs Curran with students Rochelle and Jannelle Hernandez arrived at the venue, they were welcomed in a friendly appreciative way so Rochelle’s nervousness eased.

“As I felt more comfortable, my confidence grew and I actually enjoyed the experience”, she said.  Several members of the public congratulated Rochelle after the ceremony, while she expressed her thanks to the Emmaus staff, her family and school friends for their support.

Rochelle enjoys being a choir member and intends to continue music studies in her HSC Course at Emmaus Catholic College.

“If my song can contribute in any way to next year’s special Anzac Day celebrations I will be happy to present it”, she concluded.

Aline Lyons

Written By

Laraine Lawton

Laraine Lawton
Emmaus Catholic College

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