Peace Pole

Annual Hopes Renewed

Each year in September, students at Emmaus Catholic College at Kemps Creek pause in their busy days of study, sport and recreation, to renew hopes and aspirations.   The Annual Peace Ceremony takes different forms at the College.   “Sometimes we go to our amazing Peace Pole”, explained Year 7 student Anastasia Filer.  “This has peace messages written on it in several different languages.  It is in a prominent position, so we see it often as we walk to different classrooms”.
 “This year we had an indoor presentation in the College Library”, said Jessica Davis, also from Year 7.  “Mrs Kennaugh, our Religious Education Coordinator, showed us some film extracts then spoke to us about different aspects of peace”.   The students agreed that the information about the effects of some current conflicts was thought-provoking.   “We realise that young people have to do something to spread a peace message”, said Anastasia.  “Mrs Kennaugh gave us some practical ideas of how even a small group can be positive.  She advised us to be non-judgmental and to see beyond our own small worlds”.   The Year 7 students found the Peace Talk and suggestions for renewing their commitment to harmony in home and friendship, to be ‘a good beginning’.

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Laraine Lawton

Laraine Lawton
Emmaus Catholic College

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