Year 12 Students sitting their Trial Exams

What a busy month of learning at Emmaus College! Year 12 sat their trial exams and turned in major works, the College observed the Feast of the Assumption, Year 9 learned how to use drones, there was a pre-natal yoga class and Year 7 learned to sew!

HSC Trial Exams

After 70+ hours worth of exam time, the Year 12 Trial exams are finally over. Well done to the Year 12 students for showing resilience and perseverance during these unprecedented times.

Feast of the Assumption

On the 12th of August at the College, we observed the Feast of the Assumption. In the morning, the Liturgy Team lead a ceremony that was broadcast across the school. Students and staff created paper flowers and placed them with the statues of Mary, as a beautiful sign of celebration.



HSC Major Works


Year 12 timber students have been working incredibly hard in the TAS workshops. The boys have just submitted their HSC Major Works!



Meanwhile, Year 9 Multimedia have been learning how to use drones as a potential way to shoot video footage for their special effects film projects. Can't wait to see the results from our future Steven Spielbergs!

Sewing and Yoga!

In a relaxing Period 5 class, our Year 7 students are learning to hand sew patches, using different types of stitches and tie dying techniques! Whilst the Year 9 and 10 Child Studies and Year 11 Exploring Early Childhood participated in a pre-natal yoga class.

The students experienced the benefits of how yoga can assist the pregnant mother both before the birth and during labour; some even used balloons to simulate their pregnant belly to understand the challenges the body can experience when moving.

Thanks to Miss Casserly for organising this valuable learning experience!

Year 7 Practices Sewing...

...while Years 9, 10 and 11 practice Yoga


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CathEd Parra

CathEd Parra

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