Dr Brad Campbell and Consul-General Whie Jin Lee with students at Emmaus College
Dr Brad Campbell and Consul-General Whie Jin Lee with students at Emmaus College

Students and staff of Emmaus College, Kemps Creek recently welcomed Whie Jin Lee, Consul-General of the Republic of Korea to see the Korean language program first hand.

Yunwoo Kyle Jung, teacher of Korean at Emmaus Catholic College, immerses students in Korean cultural experiences to enhance their language studies.  

Students visit Korean Cultural Centres, try Korean food and now have had the 
opportunity to meet the Consul-General.  During the visit Mr Lee observed a Korean class and was delighted to see how much Korean the Year 8 students have learned over the year.

James Greening, one of 200 Year 8 students studying Korean at the College, found the visit exciting. 

‘The Consul-General said he was greatly impressed by the way we are being taught to speak Korean,’ said James.

After a tour around the College, including a visit to the Korean classroom, the Consul-General addressed students in the College Hall.

‘He told us how the Korean language developed,’ explained James, ‘and about the differences between North and South Korea.’

The students found their guest very approachable and warmly interested in the Korean language program which has been offered since 2013.  Insights into Korean history, daily life and culture complemented the existing Korean language studies.

Principal Dr Brad Campbell noted the importance of the Consul-General’s visit and expressed appreciation of Mr Jung’s initiative in proposing and organising the invitation.

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CathEd Parra

CathEd Parra

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