Unity in Diversity
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The population which comprises the community of Emmaus Catholic College at

Kemps Creek is diverse in ethnic backgrounds, culture and age.

All came together for positive experiences throughout Harmony Week in March.

A mufti fundraiser gold coin day resulted in strong support by staff and students.

Mrs Briony Mowbray, REC explained “the purpose of the day was to support

work being done in the area of the Philippines where a recent cyclone caused

widespread destruction. Money raised will assist the Emmaus World Youth Day

students who will be painting, gardening and building while in the Philippines”.

An annual highlight of Harmony Week at Emmaus is the soccer contest between

students and staff. Mrs Kayla Hely, Head of Sport, reported that “it was great fun

and the victorious student team deserved their victory,” Kayla considers

“sportsmanship and harmony go hand in hand. Healthy rivalries in school sport

release tensions and develop the spirit of fair play with respect for the rules of

the game.”

As well as the Harmony Cup, Emmaus students also play each year for a House

Cup. “I think it’s great to see loyalty to their Houses demonstrated by the

students,” said Kayla, “and I think at Emmaus we are developing young people

with the maturity to celebrate cultural differences and respect diverse cultures.”

Already new activities are being put forward for consideration in future

Harmony Day activities.

Aline Lyons

Written By

Laraine Lawton

Laraine Lawton
Emmaus Catholic College

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