“We were tired when we came home but too excited really to have aches or pains,” said Liam Devaney.  Liam, a student of Emmaus Catholic College at Kemps Creek was commenting on his recent trip to the Interstate Futsal Competition in Queensland.

“It was a great experience” added Cooper Coskerie, also a member of the Under 16’s team.

Futsal, the very popular indoor soccer game, has a keen following at Emmaus Catholic College.

Accompanied by sports teachers Mr Barton and Mr Ashdown, the boys had a great weekend.    “The competition was strong”, observed Lachlan Jobson of the Under 19’s team, “and it was our first try at that level, so we performed well.”

Alex Newson, also in the Under 19’s, commented on the social aspects of the trip.  “Although we had little spare time as we played in 8 games,” he said, “there still was opportunity to meet and mix with other players.  Getting to know them and make friends was a real bonus.  We came home keen to extend our skills and continue regular training.”

The Emmaus staff and students acknowledged the support and enthusiastic encouragement they received from the Sport and Recreation ministry and our own College, Emmaus gave practical support, finance and continued interest.

Cooper Coskerie, who scored 5 goals during his matches, also expressed thanks to Mr Barton and Mr Ashdown.  “They gave their weekend to us, travelling with the teams and helping us all the way”, he said.

Regular training will continue with great hopes for a 2015 season to be even more successful.

Aline Lyons


Not Footsore from Futsal


Written By

Laraine Lawton

Laraine Lawton
Emmaus Catholic College

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