Past meets Future for students

The students joined other school groups at the Rooty Hill RSL Club for an occasion especially designed for them.

While Anzac and Remembrance Days are regularly acknowledged and respected in schools, it is less common for other conflicts to be recalled.

“It was really valuable to hear first hand reports of the Vietnam War”, said Paige Anderson from Emmaus.

Anabelle Custodio agreed.  “The Army people who spoke to us were honest and realistic”, she said.  “It made what we read and are taught in history classes very relevant”.

Nicholas Djerke described the day’s program.  “A band played songs which related to the day’s theme”, he recalled.  “’I was only nineteen’ is a song you don’t forget easily.  After the music we had talks from the Vietnam veterans”.

The students felt that their attendance and participation in question/answer sessions will be of great help to their history studies.

Paige Anderson described the occasion as a ’reality touch’ with anecdotes from the past putting war in its true perspective.

“It makes us hope our futures will be in a peaceful world”, Anabelle said, adding that Emmaus College made a donation as they concluded an interesting, thought-provoking experience.



Written By

Aline Lyons

Aline Lyons
Emmaus Catholic College

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