Visitors to the campus at Emmaus Catholic College at Kemps Creek frequently comment on the attractive rural surroundings. Students and staff of the Science Faculty at Emmaus are excited about two new activities which demonstrate their commitment and energy in implementing initiatives.

Commencing this year, an Emmaus enviro group has been set up.  “We received a grant from Western Sydney University late last year”, explained Science teacher Mrs Corbin.  “The purpose was to set up a sustainable initiative at Emmaus”.

With a team comprising Year 12 Earth and Environmental Studies students Rachel Clark, Mark Mifsud and herself, Mrs Corbin decided to install green waste bins in the Food Technology classrooms, with composting bins located behind the Food Tech block. “Composting is already taking place”, said Mrs Corbin, “and will be available for the College gardens in a few weeks”.

The second success for Emmaus is the selection to participate in a school tree planting event.  Staff from Greening Australia will visits Emmaus College, inspect the site and donate plants.  These will build a Cumberland Plain Woodland forest.  “As this forest is native to the Greater West of NSW”, said Mrs Corbin, “and is critically endangered with only 60% of the original forest remaining, it is a great opportunity for Emmaus students to participate in the restoration project”.

Mrs Corbin added “that as well as the benefits ensuing from the tree planting, the College “will also be providing a native habitat for critically endangered species”.

 Aline Lyons



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Sharon Ellery

Sharon Ellery
Emmaus Catholic College

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