Beyond the Classroom

An Emmaus education allows students to discover their own talents and provides opportunities to fully explore these.

Emmaus encourages its students to learn more than just the fundamentals, engaging them in a wide array of co-curricular activities.

These activities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Mock Trial
  • musicals
  • drama
  • debating
  • music tuition (e.g. drums, keyboard etc by outside tutors)

For those students who show great academic aptitude, Emmaus offers further challenges to assist them in maximising their potential.


Sport in Years 7-10 is mandatory. Students will have the opportunity to participate in four Sports (1 per term) of their choice over the course of the year. Sport selections are done online using our school system "Sentral" and students then participate in a Sport for the duration of the term.

Sporting Activities

Activities at Emmaus have been brought into the curriculum to allow students to achieve in a greater variety of ways, through the broadening of experiences, and the learning of new skills. Emphasis and preference will be given to providing as many students as possible with viable interest endeavours. Non-sporting activities and enrichment opportunities are also offered.

Students are able to supplement their physical education by participating in:

  • athletics
  • swimming
  • walkathons
  • cross country
  • all football codes
  • netball
  • baseball
  • cricket
  • softball
  • basketball

Years 7 - 10 students are involved in a sport program, and students have the opportunity to participate at school, diocesan and state levels in many of these sports and the spacious grounds at the College allow for more than ample training areas. Away from school activities and "at school" activities are also offered.

Venue sports include:
Flipout, Rock Climbing, AMF Bowling, Ice Skating, Don Bosco and Gymnastics. These Sports involve a weekly cost of approximately $5-$10.

School-based sports include:
Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Touch football, Art, Creative Justice, Basic Gift, Make-up Artistry, Creative and Performing Arts, Hip Hop Dance and Coding/Robotics. Some of these Sports have a one off fee for the term and others have no applicable cost.

Parramatta Diocese Secondary Schools Sports Council Thursday Competition

This competition offers a variety of sports that are played against other schools in the Diocese. Over 3 seasons, these include AFL, Touch football, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby League, Baseball, Netball, Oz-tag, Cricket, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and Softball. There is no fee for participation in representative Sport.

Please note: Students are provided a jersey for the duration of the season and it is their responsibility to wash, bring to each game and return at the end of the season. A replacement fee of $50 applies if this is lost or damaged.

Parramatta and the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges

Students are able to register as wildcard independent entries to trial to represent Parramatta and the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges in the following Sports: AFL, Baseball, Diving, Soccer, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Softball, Tennis, Touch Football, Volleyball, and Water Polo.

At Emmaus we offer a balanced education

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