Parents as Partners

At Emmaus we are committed to building strong partnerships with parents and carers, families and the wider community as we work together to prepare our students for living outside the classroom

We believe that communication is key to a positive relationship between home and school and as such, utilise a range of communication methods to ensure transparency and a focus on the learning and pastoral needs of students. These include:

Face to face interviews Student learning planner
Phone or SMS Information nights
Email Social media
Skoolbag and COMPASS Website

We also encourage parents and carers to have a voice in the school by being part of the Parent Advisory Board (PAB). A PAB from each year group meets once a term with the college principal to discuss important issues, concerns and ideas. In addition we hold regular parent educational events such as numeracy, writing and wellbeing workshops that provide families with the knowledge and skills to support their students.

Emmaus welcomes parents and families to be involved in our vibrant community events such as assemblies; masses and liturgies; sporting carnivals; feast days, and graduations.

Emmaus has a warm and welcoming community and we look forward to you joining us!

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Volunteer Training

We welcome the contribution volunteers make to the life of our school.

As we are committed to keeping students safe, all volunteers in schools are required to complete the building child safe communities undertaking form and child protection training module before volunteering. These checks reduce potential risk and forms part of our strategy to build child safe communities.

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