Teaching Excellence

Our students are supported by skilled, creative and compassionate teachers who are dedicated to improving the learning outcomes of every student.

Teaching staff at Emmaus have developed a culture of collaboration as we work towards empowering students through project based learning, inquiry-based and student-centred learning. To ensure our teachers are across all the latest advances in educational research we provide a variety of professional learning opportunities. Our teachers are modelling effective learning through being willing and ongoing learners themselves.

The teaching and assessment practices employed by our teachers are based on the latest academic research and principles. Our students are challenged to extend themselves in all their subjects while being given the support and guidance they need to feel confident doing so.

A central focus of our teachers is the need to meet the needs of the students in the class no matter where they are on their learning journey. As such, the school has invested considerable resources into the development of the teachers’ capacity to differentiate their lessons, to ensure every child is afforded an opportunity to engage with the learning in the class.

If you wish to contact a member of staff please contact Emmaus Catholic College by email or by phone 02 9670 8300 weekdays between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm.



Principal Mr Robert Nastasi
Assistant Principal Mr Stephen Roberts
Director of Mission and Learning Mrs Pia Waring
Director of Curriculum Administration Mrs Mel Else
Director of Academic Growth Mr Mark O’Connor
 Learning Innovations Leader Ms Sheree McQueen


Leaders of Learning

Religious Education Mrs Pia Waring HSIE Mrs Rebecca Curran
English Mr Mark O'Connor TAS Mr Buhpinder Chhabra
Mathematics Mrs Briony Mowbray CAPA Mrs Claudia Harris
PDHPE Mr Robert Brunt Science Mrs Jwan Hamama
Learning Innovation Ms Sheree McQueen LOTE Mrs Maria Scarfone
Diversity Mrs Sharyn Vogels Careers Ms Maria Scarfone


Assistant Leaders of Learning

Religious Education Ms Gina Governatori Mathematics Mr Joneil Yuzon
English Ms Lisa D'Marco TAS Mr Taylor Munro
HSIE Mrs Danielle Nevin


Leaders of Wellbeing

Year 7 Mr Luke Liceralde Year 8 Mr Alex Petrocco
Year 9 Mr James Hamond Year 10 Mrs Dominique Luke
Year 11 Mr Jake Sultana Year 12 Ms Natalie Gaudiosi


Other Leadership Positions

Peer Support Coordinator Mr Daniel Brattoni
Student Leader Coordinator Ms Cassie Micallef
Sport Coordinator Ms Kayla Hely


Wellbeing and learning go hand in hand, they speak to each other and effective pastoral care and knowing our students ensures that we can make the right choices and adjustments to allow them to thrive in their learning environment -this is why I love what I do knowing that along with all our staff at Emmaus using a wrap around approach we can and do make a difference
Stephen Robert (Assistant Principal)
I feel that as a school we are making significant inroads in building a strong learning culture at Emmaus, where it is all about learning, learning and more learning. We do this by being data informed, using effective pedagogical approaches, applying a blended learning model, using inquiry as a key principle, having our students search and be curious and using a team approach between all the learning stakeholders-students, teachers and families. We are all learners at Emmaus and we have a strong collaborative vision allowing us to celebrate and build on some of our best HSC and NAPLAN results. Our students are eager to want more and they have become much more aspirational because they know they are capable and have all the tools necessary to achieve at Emmaus.
Mark O’Connor (Director of Academic Growth & Learning)


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