Student Wellbeing

At Emmaus College we believe strongly in educating the whole person, and help to give each member of our community a sense of being loved and gifted in a variety of ways, both within and beyond the classroom.

Running through the culture of our college community is the Mercy charism of compassionate care, established by the Foundation principal who was from the Mercy Congregation. We encourage our students to care for one another and our staff model this through the support they offer every student.

Supporting Learning

At Emmaus Catholic College we have a team of specialist teachers and trained teacher assistants who work with the whole school community, including parents, to provide consultation, assessment, planning and referral services for students with diverse learning needs.

A whole school approach to learning programs and assessments has been implemented at the College to create consistency across all stages of a student’s education. Program evaluation days take place regularly to evaluate teaching plans in relation to student outcomes to ensure we are meeting our goals and the individual learning needs of our students. Special programs and initiatives include:

  • In-class and tutorial study support
  • Reading intervention programs
  • School-based special provisions to ‘level the playing field’ during assessments (for example, a reader, a scribe and/or extra time)
  • Life Skills programs of study for a small percentage of students for whom the regular outcomes and content are not appropriate
  • Itinerant teacher support programs for students with a hearing or vision impairment
  • Educational psychologist assessment and advice
  • Personalised Planning processes for students
  • Referral to transition programs to employment or further studies/training

All learning programs at Emmaus are complemented by the dedicated Learning Support Team. Each year group has a learning support team member devoted to their needs. The learning support team coordinates transition, individual and special education programs for students with specific learning needs.

Supporting Achievement

The student award scheme recognises student participation, initiative and achievement both within and beyond the classroom. The student award scheme is:

  • a three tier scheme that incorporates elements of in class, College community and wider community activities
  • progressive, with the level of difficulty increasing with each level of award
  • student-initiated, with specific goals negotiated between the student and the Year Coordinator
  • based on merit and Key Learning Area certificates which lead to a bronze, silver or gold certificate.

Supporting New Students

Emmaus College also provides a transition program for students from Year 6 to 7, giving our new Year 7 students two days with their teachers in their new environment and time for our Year 7 students to work with Year 10 Peer Support leaders. Peer leaders in Year 10 work with small groups of Year 7 students for 8 sessions in Term 1. The groups work through a program of activities that involve developing skills in resilience, assertiveness, decision-making, problem solving and leadership. At the conclusion of the program, it is envisaged that the network of support developed during the term will continue throughout the year.

Training to become a peer support leader is conducted in Year 9. All students are encouraged to nominate themselves for this leadership opportunity. Students participation in College activities in addition to their interpersonal and communication skills are considered during the selection procedure.

All year 9 and 10 students who participate in this program are awarded a certificate from the Peer Support Foundation to acknowledge their contribution in this program at Emmaus Catholic College.

Supporting Inclusion

Emmaus is an inclusive school that is proud to cater to all and is accessible by students and community members with disabilities. In addition the college hosts and integrates an Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT) unit.

Learn more about ASPECT

Supporting Safety

Emmaus is committed to keeping our students safe at school and we adhere to the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards and support the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. A range of checks and undertakings are required for people who work for or provide services to the college. These checks reduce potential risk and form part of the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) strategy to build child safe communities.


At Emmaus we look after our students and they learn to support each other

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