Student Leaders

The Student Leadership Team (SLT) meets regularly to plan events, charity drives and to discuss issues or areas for improvement in our College. The SLT run College assemblies and are the voice behind our daily Angelus prayer at Emmaus.


Emmas Student Leaders 2021


College Captains and Vice Captains

College Captain Emily Jugl
College Captain Harlam Filer
College Vice Captain Veronica Knezevic
College Vice Captain Alesandro Mati


House Captains

Cana Tameeka Morrissey & Stephanie El-Alam
Jordan Jacinta Buhagiar & Jayden Rask
Mamre Matani Malu & Ryan Baird
Tabor Emily Collins & William Johnson]


Year 11 House Leaders

Cana Dionne Morales & Joseph Westerlund
Jordan Elise Fuser & Luca Zahra
Mamre Zoe Smith & Daniel Borg
Tabor Brooke Westlake & Antonio Labbozzetta