Record attendance for ‘MADD’ Night Showcase Spectacular!

What a MADD night!



On the 5 of September, our amazing staff and students were involved in our annual ‘MADD’ Night Showcase. Awesome creative and performing arts performances tore the house down and saw our biggest turn out yet. Parents left amazed at the caliber of our students’ work.

During Week 7 the Creative and Performing Arts team were kept busy as they finalised preparations for their annual MADD Night.

What was once known as ‘Showcase’ was changed to MADD in 2015 to capture what the essence of the Creative and Performing Arts is all about Music, Art, Drama and Dance. It is a night that takes hours of set up, days of rehearsing but more so a year of planning. In addition to our annual event, we also invited Trinity Catholic Primary School to a private matinee performance during the day! The students were thoroughly impressed by the artworks on display and enjoyed the musical show as they sang along to ‘Never Enough’ by Alisha Santos and ‘Senorita’ by Chloe Ropheal.



Throughout the year, our Visual Arts and Photography teachers collected a range of high quality and diverse artworks from Years 7 - 11 to display for our community. We received an overwhelming response from those who attended, commenting on the quality and recognisable growth of skills that were evident in our students’ work. In addition to the amazing artworks on display, we showcased a range of dance and musical performances from students in Year 7 through to our HSC students in Year 12.

Thank you to Mr Ferreri and Mr Connolly for the time they invested in helping the students practice and rehearse for the night. There was such a diverse array of skills and styles, from Year 11 who rocked the hall by opening with ‘Joker and The Thief’, the debut performance of the Junior Rock Band with ‘Demons’, a formal introduction to the vocal stylings of Eloise Polkamp and of course the big closer from Year 12 with ‘See How Far We’ve Come’ which came along with beach balls for the audience to throw around! The repertoire of performances included something for everyone and the feedback from the audience was nothing but positive.