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    • Supporting Learning

      Learning Support (from What We Offer page)

      At Emmaus Catholic College we have a team of specialist teachers and trained teacher assistants who work with the whole school community, including parents, to provide consultation, assessment, planning and referral services for students with diverse learning needs.

      Learning Support teachers work in a number of different ways such as:

      • Targeted teaching
      • Consulting with and supporting class teachers with curriculum differentiation
      • Coordinating the Personalised Plan process
      • Liaising with the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta in areas such as assessment and funding applications

      Special programs and initiatives include:

      • In-class and tutorial study support
      • Reading intervention programs 
      • School-based special provisions to ‘level the playing field’ during assessments (for example, a reader, a scribe and/or extra time)
      • Life Skills programs of study for a small percentage of students for whom the regular outcomes and content are not appropriate
      • Itinerant teacher support programs for students with a hearing or vision impairment
      • Educational psychologist assessment and advice
      • Personalised Planning processes for students
      • Referral to Transition programs to employment or further studies/ training

      All learning programs at Emmaus are complemented by the dedicated learning support team.

      Each year group has a learning support team member devoted to their needs. The learning support team co-ordinates transition, individual and special education programs for students with specific learning needs.

      A whole school approach to learning programs and assessments has been implemented at the college to create consistency across all stages of a student’s education. Program evaluation days take place regularly to evaluate teaching plans in relation to student outcomes to ensure we are meeting our goals and the individual learning needs of our students.

    • Library

      Emmaus College Library and Information Service is an active learning resource centre. Students have access to print and electronic resources to assist their studies and to enrich their leisure reading.

      The College Library and Information Services staff are professional and qualified to assist students with their research and literacy needs.

      All students have a borrower's card, which must be presented when booking out resources (see Borrowing below).

      The Emmaus Library, itself, is a caring, nurturing environment in which students consider the rights of other users.

      Many resources are available online through the Internet in classrooms as well as the library.

      Access: 8:00 am - 3:30 pm including lunch (open at recess for seniors only)
      Books (fiction and non-fiction), magazines and journals, newspapers, information files, literary criticisms, audio-visual media.
      Facilities and Services Available: Study areas, photocopier, computer network, reading areas, laminating, book covering.

      Library Staff at Emmaus

      • Mrs Marsh - Library Assistant
      • Mrs Ellery - Teacher Librarian


      In general, the loan period for each item is two weeks. Extensions can be negotiated. Year 7 students may borrow up to 2 fiction and 3 non-fiction at any one time, with senior students being able to borrow 2 fiction and 5 non-fiction books.

    • Careers

      Careers Advice

      At Emmaus our students have the opportunity to speak to our experienced careers adviser. It is here where students will find and gather information about Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training as well as work opportunities.

      Specific programs are developed to assist students with variety of post school options such as the Western Sydney Careers Expo, Western Sydney University Fast Forward Program, the ACU Step Up Into Teaching and Uni Step Up – Health Science. Tailored Work Experience Programs are developed to meet the needs of individual students.

      Services provided by the Careers Adviser include:

      • One-to-one interviews
      • Small group discussions
      • Resume writing, job seeking and interview skills
      • Student directed on-line careers investigation
      • Support with the UAC process
      • University scholarship applications
      • University alternative entry schemes
      • Preparation for Apprenticeships and Traineeships
      • Vocational Education and Training applications and employment applications
      • HSC subject selections

      Students are encouraged to meet with the careers adviser (Mrs Maria Scarfone) to discuss their many post school options and preparation for a successful contribution to the world of work.

      There are so many options now for students to explore and develop their career. For students who would prefer a change from full-time study there is a range of excellent pathways available including an Australian Apprenticeship, voluntary work or starting your own business. These are just some of the ways you can learn and develop valuable skills.

      Sometimes you have no idea where to begin and which career path is the most appropriate for you. Researching your career takes time and patience.

      As a student finishing Year 12 you may have a career path in mind but may be unsure of which direction you want to take or how to achieve you goal. Whichever option you choose the Careers Advisor at Emmaus Catholic College will help you find the information you need to start this new stage of your life.

      As you explore your choices, it is a good idea to talk with your career adviser, VET co-ordinator, teachers, parents or friends about what you are interested in doing with your life.

      Further Information

      To stay abreast of important careers information and opportunities check for regular updates on our Latest News and Calendar of Events pages.

      Students looking for careers advice should see Mrs Scarfone.

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    • Student Awards

      The student award scheme recognises student participation, initiative and achievement both within and beyond the classroom. The student award scheme is:

      • a three tier scheme that incorporates elements of in class, college community and wider community activities
      • progressive, with the level of difficulty increasing with each level of award
      • student-initiated, with specific goals negotiated between the student and the year coordinator
      • based on merit and key learning area certificates which lead to a bronze, silver or gold certificate

      Student Award Scheme

    • Year 7 Transition Program

      Emmaus also provides a transition program for students from Year 6 to 7, giving our new Year 7 students two days with their teachers in their new environment and time for our Year 7 students to work with Year 10 peer support leaders.

    • Step Up Into Teaching Program

      Selected Year 12 students participate in the Australian Catholic University (ACU) ‘Step up into Teaching’ program that gives them one unit towards their HSC and two courses to their undergraduate education degree program at ACU.

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